12 NOVEMBER 2005, Page 21

Why migrants are welcome

From Buks van Rensburg

Sir: The article by Richard Ehrman (‘A dying breed’, 5 November) is unnecessarily alarmist. It is the case, as Mr Ehrman claims, that the citizens of Europe are not replacing themselves at a sufficient rate to avoid economic and social consequences. However, the population boom in Africa and in the Middle East could help Europe avoid the consequences of a population bust. These areas are close enough to Europe to facilitate significant migration of peoples to work in the European economy. There is also ample evidence, in Britain, Germany, Holland and other European countries, that the vast majority of immigrants are being successfully integrated into European society, and that most, if not all, European nations, are making the transition from ethnic democracies to liberal democracies in a smooth fashion. Once settled in Europe, most migrants become model citizens, contributing to the economy and the multiethnic ethos of modern Europe.

Buks van Rensburg Mississauga, Ontario, Canada