12 OCTOBER 1850, Page 1

It is also interesting to note the same constructive prosperity

in the posture of affairs abroad. In Paris, for example, a grand re- view has passed off without disaster, and the day was remarkably fine; indeed, the Paris correspondent of a daily paper infers that France is " not yet ripe for a monarchy " ! So that the resolve of the Committee of the Assembly, to uphold the Orleanist Changar- nier in the teeth of the President, threatens nothing worse than the. continuation of a nuisance to Prince Louis Napoleon. In like manner, one week exhibits Prussia appointing Redo wits as Prime Minister and fostering Germanism ; this'week sees the virtuous and intelligent Frederick William retaining Mtuiteuffd and Anstrianism : so that Liberalism and Austrianism are grati- fied on alternate weeks,—a most equitable arrangement. In the Duchies, Schleswig-Holstein is taking a turn of defeat, the troops of the joint Duchies having been repulsed with lose from Frederichstadt : but General Willisen evidently counts the defeat as something only short of victory.

In Hesse-Cassel, the Elector obstinately maintains General Haynau as his military, Commander-in-chief and Hassenpflug as' his civil Prime Minister : Hassenpflug leaves active work to Haynau, who issues orders in the most resolute style ; but as people, departments, and army, continue to disobey his orders, everybody is pleased. Perhaps the only person who is thoroughly uncomfortable is the assiduous and unlucky General; who is as it were the butt of both sides—the forlorn hope of the Elector, the target for the rebels : he is set to bully the rebels, and the rebels

bully him—with fearful odds in point of numbers. Everybody

badgers him : the people mob him, the laerzers the army arrests him, the ineurancesdniste callsibrn tovmeoust foram._ risks he runs. Meanwhile, notbiagaran exceed thelagaHwitry leiso which he cries out "treason," wearewed stripes down liba trta and issues orders hi the teeth of trbstinahr disobeffienen. such is the wickedness of the mob !—these measures have no sort of effect.