12 OCTOBER 1850, Page 20


wmt-orneE, Oct. 8.-nthtIL Regt. oAf TE Light Drags. orevet Lient.-Ccil. J. H. Grant, C.B. to be Lieut.-Col. withbut purchase, vice Fullerton, dec.; Capt. 'A. Spoftiswoode to be Major, vice Grant; Lieut. W. W. 'W. Humble), to be Capt. vice Spottiswoode; Cornet R. Sutherland-to be Lieut. vice ; Regimmital Sergt:'-Miller R. Mills to be Cornet, vice Sutherland. 13th Light Drags.-Lieut. T. H. Goad to be Capt. by purchase, vice BorroweS, who retires; Cornet the Hon. J. W. H. Hutchinson to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Goad. Coldstream Regt. of Foot Guards-Ensign and Lieut. the Hon. P. R. B. Feilding to be Adjt. vice flaikett, who resigns the Adjutan- cy only. 11th Regt. of Foot-Gent. Cadet R. Hotham, from the Royal Military College, to be Ensign, vice Segraire, appointed to thel6th Foot. 12th Foot-Lieut. J. W. Espinasse to be Capt. without purchase, vice Brevet Major Moore, dec.; En- sign R. Nasmyth Irving to be Lieut. vice Espinaase; Gent. Cadet J. D. Travers, from the Royal Military College, to be Ensign, vice Irving. 15th Foot-Acting Assist.-Surg..1. Lamprey, M.B. to be Assist.-Surg. vice O'Flaherty, promoted on the

Staff. .21schati

re '..:e :..; '' 9.FE"rif-0., Met- exchariees. 27th Foot-

vice Palmer,

withoutAliireleniMoslks seltireedlgah.i, .Poe4L-Calk5 Via.011hgei m The 21stif)entritioebnittgdovienatenfaaipallso eidha.r; i ISM BdtSti.+Edie,nle011 Roney Swift. to' be caPt- witOPitAn59)1611Z3991/ gitlhloAegilit lineinettinithtggefit , to be Maio? NI • . .. ct c. -R . ft " i ,I) fri1 ' 741 ki, tli Foot-Gfese . i .-.. .• tit fite, le' Lieut. vice B,oney; nngli . ..aegrave, from e 11th Foot, to Ensign, vice liF .eilas HO .11vh70 Cape Mounted Riflemen--Su7.411=tartzt e Royal Newfoundland Com- panies, to be Sorg. vice W. C. half-pay. . Royal Newfoun 499 s..,-storAurg.,qtputavor 4.M. Lloyd, M.D. to be Surg. vice W ce-stp H5 th-e-C Ape Et o n 1110spitaialldf-4sflar. N.IblePElidgoty„,fierartlieielm51ketodb, ;tn./bail Susgrryl,Seethreite,,Iele ttlY9 OA, Peillest I br 11;i0cAnlviiv tilt :ripe ' G __,..,ti rin . ..li d , vit- n iedlempeeirp wisileno eurployene eri; .4.11 oinirie..- Omos or ORDNANCE, Oct. 5.-Royal Regt. of Artillery.-HreVet MejorlA.1.11fire, tligirft"-.C4 e4114,176Pst-,df V.Heer0 or (],C, Young to be Capr„viree Mee; F* ie t. r. d: an tb b eeotid C'apt•vge-,Teurig ; Second-Lieut. F. Car* to-, be First Lieut. rice.Stindiali. ',The 'drifts ofthe promotion of the 'undernientioned officers have been,altered as i10110171: lifia. Capt. E. Prise 16th '.of July 1850; Sec. Capt.,Ban.

W.C. Yelverton 16th of July 1850; First Lieut. B. H. R. Rowley 16th. of Tidy 1850; See. 'Capt. G. H. Vesey 6th of August 1850; First Lieut. W. G. Le Wenner to thetil of August 1830.

CMrps:ofHoya1Engineers-Lieut.-Col. W. B. Tilden to be Co). vice Wright, dec.; Brest Lieut.-COL G. C. du Plat to be-Lieut.-Col.; Brevet Major -T, Budgen to be Lieut.-COI. vice Tilden; Sec. Capt. .1. G. McKerlie to be Capt. vice ,Budgen ; First Limit. CYG. Gray to be Sec. Capt. vice McKerlie ; Sec. Lieut. H. R. Pelley to be First Lieut. vice Gray.

eut. the Hon. F. B. Pakenham to be Capt. by purchase,

Dewar, from the 87th Foot, to beilp0i4 Itlifig.Trbn) LI 8 d liprit ICES CU