12 OCTOBER 1850, Page 21


Tuesday; October 8. PARTNERSHIPS DissoLvEri;=,-43ttelburiand'Xiiig, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, lice-mann- . facturers--.T. 8. and,C; Warry,-Liverpook chemists-ilulme and Mawson, Man.' cheater, ettorniere;,W.lutdr, Tfitipe, 3iptbe, woollendrapers -B. sad B.- Tiin bridge Wells, -Watch-rnekers,-Keeling and Co..lilanley, eartbenware-manufac-. turers-C. and 3.10re:tier, ' .High 'Street, Shadivell; boot-manufacturers-Beale and Cob.East Greenwich, enemeirs-Perrey, irad-Lutley, Rye, contractors--Betteley and

R ;Liverpool, chain-smiths-Bloor and Co. Taunton, silk-throwsters-Franklyn

.Son, Great Carter Lane, oilmen-Crocker stodge.. Devonport, proprietors of the retiree slate-ipiarryPigeon and Sons„ High Street, Southivark, reetifiers-Ridley and-Seh, Telsted, Millers-Somerset and West, -Steekport, cloth-manidaeturers- Robinsonand.Co.Greshen Street,: haberdashers,-Greenwoodand Weinman, Bishop.: wetrolnth,timilders-Falkinghaniand Knareeborough, coach-builders- W. 'D. aliclX, Arley, Hartley Wintney, Hampshire, Coach-makers-Iludswell and Co.-'terd"Wild d Co. Thernhill,-millowriersBurtee and Abrehart, Mitcham, market-gardeners-Edinburgh and: GlairgoW Bank; -"as frir' as regards A. Cothran,

31.4A.sebletitrileiter - --- • - • - •

BAi7Kanrr.-WILLIA31 GRAYSON, Mortlake, market-gardener, to surrender Oct. 23, Noy. 19 71colieltor. Fisher, ,Queert Sqnate, Blotrnstury officielassigneg,,Orairona Ilivr.en.ktiet. 29, Vevere, Cheepahili, woollen-Warehenieinari-Oct. 29, Black- burn, Minories, engineer-Oct. 31. ' Birrghat, Clifford Street,- Bond Street, tailor- Oct. 31, Aplin„ Bieester, scrivener-Oct; 31, Ashley, Fleet- Street, carrier-Nov. 2, Vernam,Hirstioek,tLeicestershire, draperlfee. 2, ;Goode, Hereford, chemist-Oct. 31; tiotlingteri;1311thingliani, chemist -Oet.31; Varies; Wolrerh arn ptOn;iron-master- Oct. 31, Cooper sen. Wolverhampton, locksmith-Oct. 31, Thomas, Dudley, iroti7


merchant-ot' 'II, • Hall, Shrewsbury, tinlbr-merchant-Oct. 31, -Steessiger, Boxeingham,Jeweller. diftrifirfea.-/b be 'granted, unless cause beS 'Urn tolhe contrary, on the day of tnecting.-pot., 30, Copland, 17nion Street, Whitechapel, linendraper-pct. 80, Nut7

taik,'Vacciesfleld; isilkmanufacturer. '

DECLARATIONS OP DivIDENDS.-Cawood, Leeds, iron-founder ; second div. of 4d. any day on or 'rate rect. 15; Irdefig,i,iecia-Holman, Wortley, Cloth,minufacturer ; Of rss:'ittik.day Ortrirefter'Oet. 15 ;• Young, Leeds-Genison, Helperby, grocer; secouddivn.ope.O. aay, day on or after Oct.I ; Young, Leeds. Seiricet'Stiote--=hrLatti,Idefiraniif 'Alike • , Oct. 16:-Nov. 6. .friefarP26dobee 11. TueribidanandPatterson, Great Marlborough Street, boot- midierr-Firichinit'etrif-Tteringtert'Stbkejelron-Trent, manufactivers of china-Corn and Co.. Burslern, eortlraware-manufaeturers ; as far as regards J. Edge-M. G. and C. A.•Aires. Geo4e-Street„ Hanover Square-Church and Vaux_Park Street, Islington, oilmen-Park and-Skelfe, Keighley, millers-Best and Cn. Huddersfield, tea-dealers-Gilder and Halley, Queen Anne Street, Cavendish Square; surgeons- Itindells and OisArid'HolteB'and Co: Queenhithe,•malt-factors-lfrowne-and Syme, Liverpool,, commission-agenteMett and Gibson,- Graceehuroh Street,' tailors - Adams 'and flinnris, Militia; Derbyshire; general practitioners in medicine-Loner- gon and Co. Austiufriars,Inettlfents; as far as regards G. Seholefield;4iihnson and Cd.?Begent,stoit, hatters ; 'all &ris regards E. T. Johnson-J. and S.--Usher, Bir- mi8glfate,40dirZwitteimanufirettriers-W: and J.',Stevenson, Johnstone, grocers. BANKROPTS.-WiLLIAat Go0Diejtith'Monmouth, linendraper, to surrender Oct. 23, ?ief..A3f solieitor; Nines, Site Lttni; • Offleitillteeigtme, Stansfeld, Ririg's Arms Yard -76itern-Waiiiiierind Lined Bibers-,(Asten,Wire-manufeethrers, Oet.'24; Nov. 25 : solicitors, Caldicott and Canning, Hadley; Reece, Birmingham ; official assignee, BirrnloghrabBricrAsitit Id-venal; Steekten-upon-Tees, fanner, Oct. 18, Nek•22:' -Hrutley, Soutlibthliton 'Street, IlloOmebury ; Brignal, Durham ; official assignee, Wakley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne-JAMES ilonseiett, Wheelock,

Cheshire, coal-dealer, Oct. 23, Nov. 11 : Bagshaw and Suns, Manchester ; Yates jun..Literpooll officialessignee,.Morgan, LiverpooL.. .

Derzenene.--7. Nev.-4.1tickman, liaileham,-Sussex; innkeeper -Nov.•4, Thorneloe, High Street, Poplar, grocer-Nov. 4, Collett, Hammersmith, attorney'4-Nov. 4, Gar- deiter;Itayleigh; Essex, grocer-Noe.:4, Good, itishopegate-Street Without, station- er7-}Oct,- 25- Amoa.and Sutherland; St. Helen's Place„ Merchants-Nov. 1, •Carter,- Ramsey Road, carpenter-Nov. 1, Blenkarn, Chancery Lane, bookseller-Nov. 1, Thompson,- King Street, Camden Tewn,• draper--Nova:,. Sotd, Tabernacle Walk, bookseller-Nov. 2, E. and J. Julian, New Buckenham, Norfolk, grocer7-Nov. 4, Nash and Neale,,Reigate, bankers-Nee. 2, Mills, Here,- Sussex, broker-Nov. 4; Whitteell, MarleLanekcorn-factore-eNov: 5, Goklie, High Street, Whitechapel, •dis- tiller-Nov. 5, Woods, Conduit Street, Bond Street, tailor-Nov. 14, Metford, Bath, wine-merchant--Nov. 4, Hollis, Liverpool, tea-dealer-Nov. 1, Rogers, Chester, grocer-Noy. 22, F. and C. Sanders, Derby, corn-merchants--Nov. 7, Perkins, Co- wenttnoeUnier, CERTIFICATES.-7b be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on Use day of sneering.-Nov. 4, Gill, Plumber'sltow; City Road, grocer-Nov. 4. Claridge, Brom- ley St. Leonard, buteller4-dlov.:4,Forsteri.Cheeterton, Cambridgeshire, agricultural machinist-Nov. 4, Thompson, Hope Terrace, Notting Hill, builder-Nov. 5. Urry, Portsea,lbrewer-,-Nov. 5,- Dean,. Church Street, Trinity Square. builder-Nov. 5, Johnson and Co. Aldermary Churchyard, Watling Street, tea-dealers-Nov. 2, Winn, Charlotte Street, Illaeltfrtsralload; gasfittet-iNov. 2, Brown, Sibson Green, Houns- low Heath, victualler-Nov. 2, Pease'ood, Sheffield, draper-Nov. 6, Thomas, Bryn-. mawr, Breconshire, grocer-Nov. 5,Thompson,. Morpeit, spirit-merchant-Nov. 7, King, East Stonehousei Devonshire. builder. , • • DECLARATIONS OF DIVIDMIDS.--i-R.. and J. Campion, Whitby, Yorkshire, bankers ; second div. of Is. 6d. on the separate estate of -H. Campion, Oct. 15, or any subse- quent Tuesday; Hope, Leeds-Stubbs, Chapel Allerton, Yorkshire, innkeeper; first div. of La 9ack_Oct-1.5, or any subsequent Tuesday; Hope, Leeds-Jennings, Hors- forth, Yorkshire, corn-millei 1 Seeded end tinal'elir. /of Id Oct. 15, or any subsequent Tuesday--4ope. Leeds-Nash and toniluison, Y011, mustard-Manufpn1Ucers ; third and final div. of 3d. Oct. 15, or any,subsequent Tuesday; Hope, Leads-Hepworth, Selby, linen-draper ; ,first div. of 59.5d. Oct. 15, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Hope, Leeds-liebblethweite and Hirst, Halifax, dyers; second div. of 2ad. Oct. 15, or any subsequent Tuesday.; Hope, Leeds. Scorca fizquirsrasrions.-11•Donald,,Greencek,mason, Oct. 14, Nov. 5-Kipling, New Cumnoek, Ayrshire. contractor, Oct. 13, Nov. 5-Robertson, Glasgow, piano- forte-maker, Oct. 18, Nov. 18-Ross ,jun. Helmsdale, merchant, Oct. 16, Nov. 6- Melville or Ballech, Middlefield, Falkirk, farmer, Oct. 17, Nov. 7-Macdonald, Glas- gow, commission-agent, Oct. 17, Nov. 11--Duuipace, Muirhourse,West Calder, farm- er, Oct. 14, Nov. C..