12 OCTOBER 1889, Page 1


THE second ballots taken in France on Sunday only con- firmed the first. The Department of the Seine returned 18 Boulangists out of 42 representatives, removing Radicals to make way for them, and they also carried Bordeaux ; but -everywhere else the party was crushed. The new Chamber -will consist of 365 Republicans, of whom 241 are Moderates and 124 Radicals, against 211 Reactionaries. Of these latter, only 43 are Boulangists eo nomine. The Moderates, to whom the Administration will be entrusted, are thus 48 short of half the House, and will require the adhesion of at least 60 Reactionaries or Radicals to obtain 'a solid majority. There are some signs that they may obtain these votes from the Monarchists, who are openly repudiating Boulangism ; but we have elsewhere shown that there are some serious difficulties. It would be easier to make an affiance with the more temperate Radicals ; but their virulence against the Church, and possibly their desire for an Income-tax, stand greatly in the way. The Chamber meets on November 12th, and it must not be forgotten that the change from serutin de lisle to scrutin d'arronclissement has brought forward an un- precedented number of new men. Half the Chamber is new, and therefore unpledged to the old group combinations.