12 OCTOBER 1929, Page 17


[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.]

Sin,—With reference to the interesting article on Reunion the following point strikes me—whilst the Church of England in some respects holds a central position she is outnumbered in different parts of the world not only by the Roman Catholic Church but also by non-Episcopal bodies. Probably the decided majority of members of the Church of England do not belong to any wing and may not want Reunion to be put off because it may not be acceptable to some particular wing, and as the Roman Catholic authorities do not want Reunion except on their own terms, the Anglicans turn their thoughts to Reunion with other bodies.

This seems to be also the view of some, at any rate, of the Catholic wing in the Church of England. A Bishop who, I think, would describe himself as belonging to that wing has recently used these words :—

" Some I know will be inclined to say, if you are out for Reunion among churches outside the Roman Communion you are in danger of for ever blocking the way to reunion with the Church of Rome. I do not believe it. I believe as long as we are divided the Church of Rome can afford to ignore us, but not if we are united."

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