12 OCTOBER 1929, Page 33

More Books of the Week

(Continued from page 490.) Wa are glad to see a new edition of Mr. Israel Cohen's able and authoritative book, Jewish Life in Modern Times (Methuen, 12s. 6d.). Mr. Cohen, who is the Secretary of the Zionist Organization, and has made official visits to almost every Jewish community in Europe and Asia, is exceptionally well qualified to write on the subject. Much has happened to Jewry since the book first appeared in 1914, and large sections of it have had to be rewritten. On the whole, Mr. Cohen can report progress, but he declares that the Russian Jews are even worse off than before the Revolution, and that Poland, Hun- gary, Rumania, and even Greece are dealing unfairly with the Jews, in violation of the Treaties. One-third of the 15,000,000 Jews in the world live in America. It is no wonder that the United States should show a very lively interest in the welfare of Paleitine under our Mandate.