12 OCTOBER 1934, Page 15

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Trapped Rabbits • The cruelties inflicted by the toothed steel trap continue, even in further exaggerated degree, for the rabbit has multiplied beyond the normal this year. Still, residents in - the West hear the night cries of trapped creatures ; and foxes, dogs, cats, pheasants, partridges and other creatures are maimed daily by. the host of traps often set against -all regu- lation in the open. The rabbits are not Deduced in number, for the rabbit farmers see to it that too many does are not killed. Some naturalists hold that the numbers are actually increased by the trappers' methods. The R.S.P.C.A. is celebrating a special "rabbit week" and sportsmen quite as eagerly as . professional humanitarians will support their efforts to prevent the use of this really fiendish, though fiendishly efficient, trap. It is not a weapon that any decent eit-.iEzAtion should countenance. The golden eagle must be

added to the above list of victims. I knew of one killed by this trap in Islay and an account of another victim was published broadcast last week.