12 OCTOBER 1934, Page 15

Herefordshire Trees A certain amount of afforestation with forest trees

is to he seen in the county ; and it was in one of the new plantations that a botanical wonder now decorating Kew Gardens was found. One of the larches there adopted the " fastigiate " habit that has made the Lombardy poplar (which is a freak, not a species or even a variety) famous the world over. The list of such trees, of which there is a collection at Kew, grows bigger. One that became popular is the fastigiate cherry. It is very well fitted for a lawn-orchard as its upright habit allows close neighbours ; and it is comely. The fastigiate tree has its place as well as its opposite the weeping tree. Of these the best, as it seems to me, are the ash, the wych-ehn and the variety of the Babylonian willow known as vitellina pendtda. The weeping cherry, is, I think, less successful than the newer upright member of' the • family. •