12 OCTOBER 1934, Page 15

The Blasted Oak

• Not one but many observers have noticed that the oak is much more often struck by lightning than other trees. This liability has been particularly marked this autumn in England. It appears that a more or less scientific Census' of Struck trees has been made in the past both in Britain and on the Continent. • One English list, in order of frequeney, runs oak, ash, poplar, elm, willow, beech, birch and Scotch fir. A German list also starts with the oak, but puts the firs and pines as close competitors. A list made in Holland • puts poplar first and oak only second. In my own recent experience the numbers of oaks that have suffered is in great excess. Though the common tree of the neighbourhood is the elm, and ash trees are pretty well as numerous as oaks, • not one has been struck. A number of oaks and one tele- graph pole are the only victims.