12 OCTOBER 1934, Page 19


[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.]

S1R,-The reduction in the postage rates for air mail parcels to Europe is a splendid concession. What is equally gratifying is the evidence it affords of the intention of the Postmaster- General to seize every opportunity of assisting the industrial community and the private citizen even when this desires a greater degree of courage than individual members of Governments usually possess.

He has given us cheap telephones and cheapened our air parcel post.. Is it too much now to hope that he will give us anothet great boon with still more far-reaching conses quences in the shape of a low flat rate for all letters carried by air ?

The air mail parcel concession will certainly be of advantage to those who use this service. But a low flat rate for air- borne letters would have .far wider repercussions. Besides being a boon to business men and private correspondents the latter would provide an enormous impetus to our aircraft manufacturing industries and establish our air routes throughout the Empire.

The expense, provided by the Post Office, will be returned by the increased facilities in trade negotiations throughout the world-for speed in mails is one of the three foundation- stones of prosperous trade.-Yours faithfully, "