12 OCTOBER 1934, Page 2

Spinners Lead the Way Two eminently practical and wise proposals

now before the Cotton Spinners' Association illustrate the ne- cessity of such compulsory legislation. The Master Cotton Spinners want to have power to form an Association, which would include all the mill-owners, to regulate production and fix prices. Secondly, they wish to enable all the mills to work to 100 per cent, capacity by eliminating surplus spindles. They suggest the expenditure of 12,000,000 for purchasing and scrapping ten million spindles, this sum being provided by a levy en the remaining working spindles over a period of fifteen years. Here is a scheme which emanates from an/ has been worked out by the industry itself. What the enlightened majority of Spinners want is not, of course, that the Government should dictate to industry, but that it should empower the great majority of the industrialists to overcome the obstruction of a few.