12 OCTOBER 1934, Page 2

The New Left in France The results of the elections

for the Conseils Generaux in France have produced little change, but that little in favour of the Government. Only the first ballot results have been declared, and about 20 per cent, of the seats have to be voted for a second time on Sunday. These cantonal elections do not follow closely the lines of national politics, but they were expected this time to indicate some progress by the Left. That they certainly have not done, and the result must be regarded as some- thing of a setback for the new common front of Socialists and Communists. That common front has been further developed on the industrial as distinct from the political side, through the decision to fuse the Confederation Generale du Travail (M. Jouhaux's organization) which is affiliated to the Second, or Amsterdam, International, and the Communist Confederation, affiliated to the Third International at Moscow. This must create complications in the international Trade Union world, for Moscow and Amsterdam have no dealings with one another, and the new French Confederation will have to make its choice between the two.