12 OCTOBER 1934, Page 3

Out-of-Date Maps The protest of the Chartered Surveyors' Institution in

regard to the obsolete character of the Ordnance Survey maps is abundantly justified. At the time when un- paralleled changes have occurred in the road system, in building and land-distribution generally—that is to say, precisely when up-to-date maps are more needed than they have ever been—the work of the Ordnance Survey has been starved and cut down. Many of the maps are 20 or 30 years out of date, vet in the last dozen years many Acts of Parliament have been passed whose opera- tion is dependent on large-scale maps. The result is that the task which could be most efficiently and economically performed by the central surveyors has again and again had to be undertaken by local authorities, whose maps are not available for any but official local purposes. The builder, the town-planner, the motorist, the walker are all alike deprived of reliable maps of whose superlative excellence this country was once proud, It is short-sighted folly to cut down this service in the interest of an essentially false economy.