12 OCTOBER 1934, Page 3

The Fascist Rebels The split in the British Fascist movement

is itself of small, moment, but the circumstances that surround it illustrate how essentially alien Dictatorship is to the British mentality. For the very men who ostensibly arc working to give Great Britain a Dictatorship are in revolt against dictatorial methods in their own party. It must be painfully clear to Sir Oswald Mosley that a substantial proportion even of such limited numbers as he has attracted do not understand the essence of the creed that they are professing. Obedience—implicit and unquestioning—to the Leader is the foundation of Fascism. Lacking that it is a movement without faith and can have no future. But the disclosure of the existence of a Fascist secret service should popularize the movement considerably in the eyes of the type of Englishman who admires spying.