12 OCTOBER 1934, Page 6

- The meeting of the International Institute of Agriculture to

be held at Rome at the end of this month may, I hear, turn out to be of unexpected importance, as the result of rather decisive action on the part of the United 'States. President Roosevelt's Government has re-estab- lished with the Institute contact which had more or less lapsed, and has placed on the agenda of the coming meeting a resolution demanding consideration of the question of international barriers of one kind and another, with special reference to their effect on raw materials— not excluding cotton. What is more, the chief American delegate will be Mr. Rexford Tugwell, one of the more prominent of the President's immediate advisers. Since the United States is not • a member of the League of Nations it is obviously utilizing -the Rome Institute for the initiation of discussions, which, as I say, may turn out to be of great importance.