12 OCTOBER 1934, Page 6

I am rather impressed by the short statement made by

Mr. John Brown, the Ruskin College man who went to Russia at Lord' Nuffield's expense to see whether Russia really- justified his admiration of it. Travellers who return in a mood of delirious enthusiasm or dogmatic denunciation are to be mistrusted. Mr. Brown has done neither. He describes himself as "slightly dis- illusioned," and gives reason for the disillusion, which in some cases seems more than slight. I like his reference to "the Hampstead intellectual type being shepherded carefully through the show places, and accepting the statistics; and anything official:" Mr. Brown has the sense to realize that little in the world is quite white or quite black. Russia', as he seta it, is a rather gloomy shade of giey, and he has pretty certainly seen it right.

* *