12 SEPTEMBER 1846, Page 11

The Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland made his first public appearance, after

the customary fashion, at the Dublin Theatre, on Wednesday evening. It is Observed, however' that there was a " long and rapturous" cheer for 4 Smith O'Brien and Young Ireland"; while "the Liberator" was not even mentioned.

Clonmel election is fixed to take place this day. Mr. Cecil Lawless, son of Lord Cloncurry, is the only candidate actually in the field; but there ire rumours that Mr. Meagher, one of the Young Ireland party, will offer himself.

A meeting was held at Beaminster' on Thursday,—Lord Stavordale pre- aiding,—to consider the propriety of "forming a society for bettering the Condition of the labouring classes by the garden allotment system." Let- ters were read from Lord Ashley and the Bishop of Salisbury, expressing their entire agreement in the objects of the meeting, and their wish to be connected with the society. Various resolutions, including one forming the society, were passed unanimously.

A Treasury warrant in last night's Gazette fixes the postage on letters between the United Kingdom and Denmark at a uniform rate of sixpence; newspapers, sent by packet-boat, to be free; by private ship, one penny. The alteration is to take effect on the 1st of October.