12 SEPTEMBER 1846, Page 12



The English Funds have this week been depressed to the extent of per cent, and they present rather a heavy appearance. The prospect of famine in Ireland, with a fear that our own harvest will after all prove to be below an average crop —a deficiency apprehended on the Continent—exchanges declining every Foreign post-day,—these are sufficient to make speculators look careful; and perhaps more than all these, a belief that the English Government is likely to protest against the matrimonial proceedings at Madrid. The premium on Exchequer Bills has declined 5s. This has arisen not from any scarcity of money, but from sales in order to commence new lines of railway and pay off others that have been dissolved.

In the Foreign Market, the most remarkable feature is the decline in Portu- guese Stock, in consequence of the financial scheme just issued, by which the Bondholders are to lose a fifth part of their interest, through a tax which is to be levied ubon them. This is thought a most arbitrary measure, and a breach of good faith, directly contrary to the decree endorsed upon the Bonds at their conversion in 1841. It is supposed the holders will call a general meeting to express their dissent. Upon the scheme being first pub- lished, on Monday last, the Stock declined 6 per cent, from which it has not rallied more than 1 and 4 percent. Spanish Threes and Fives have fallen 1 per cent. Mexican has declined 4 per cent, as an uneasy feeling still prevails respect- ing that Stock. It is expected that Santa Anna will be appointed by the Mexican people to the head of &lairs in that country. In the Railway Market, the flatness we referred to last week has continued. It has been chiefly in those Shares that command high premiums; amongst them we notice Great Western and London and South-western. The Eastern Counties have also been affected. The South-eastern meeting held yesterday gave satis- faction: the Directors' report was carried with only one dissentient, who on be- half of the Kentish people argued strongly for a recurrence to the old fares: all the other measures passed cordially. The dividend absorbs all the disposable funds, and was declared to be 178. upon the Old Shares, 8s. 6d. upon New No. 1, and 5s. Id. upon No. 2, minus the Income-tax. Their line between London and Gravesend is to be completed within twelve months. SATURDAY, TWELVE O'CLOCK.

In the English Market there is no now feature; and prices are nominal. In the Foreign Market, there is nothing doing; and the Stocks are at yesterday's quotations. In Railway Shares, business has been transacted at the following prices: Buckinghamshire, 4 discount; Hull and Selby, 105; Ditto, Half Shares, 61; London and North-western 200; London and Croydon, 22#; Shrewsbury and Birmingham, 24; Shropshire Union, discount; Edinburgh and Glasgow, Half Shares, 18; Ditto, Quarter Shares, 17. SATURDAY, TWO O'CLOCK.

In the English Market prices have not altered, and very few bargains have been effected. The Foreign Market has been very inactive, and the quotations have not varied. Railway Shares continue to he depressed. Aberdeen, 94; Am- bergate, Notts, and Boston, 14 24; Bristol and Exeter, New, 10;. Bristol and Gloucester, 514; Caledonian, 154 4; Ditto, Half-shares, 14; Chester and Holy- head, 254; Eastern Counties, 224 /4; Ditto, New, 74 premium; Ditto, York Ex- tension 24; Edinburgh and Glasgow, Half-shares, 184; Great Southern and Western (Ireland), 304 294; Great Western, Half-shares, 82; Hull and Selby, 1054; Ditto, Half-shares, 51; Lancaster and Carlisle, 61; London and North- western, 200 198 94; Ditto, Quarter-shares, 234; Ditto, Fifth-shares, 204; Lon- don anal Brighton, 614 #; London and Croydon, 2244; London and South- western, 71; Midland, 138 9; Ditto, New, 364 54; North Kent and Dover Direct, 14; South-eastern and Dover, 42; Ditto, New, No. 4, 34; Boulogne and Amiens, 134; Dutch-Rhenish, 44 4 4; East Indian, 4 4; Great Northern of France, Con- stituted, 134 4; Louvain a la Sambre, Constituted, 4; Luxembourg, 14; Namur and Liege, 2; Orleans and Bordeaux, 84; Paris and Lyons, Constituted, 54; Rouen and Havre, 28; Sambre and Meuse, 4. 3 per Cent Consols 954 6 Danish 3 per Cents 88 90

Ditto for Account 964 Dutch 24 per Cents 594 60

3 per Cent Reduced shut Ditto 4 per Cents 944 5 31 per Cents shut Mexican 5 per Cents...1846 254 1

Long Annuities shut New Grenada 201 14 Bank Stock shut Portuguese New 5p. Cts.1841 43 5 Exchequer BIM prem. 10 15 Ditto 4 per Cents 1845 .... 42 4 India Stock 259 261 Russian 5 per Cents 110 112

Brazilian 5 per Cents 88 90 Spanish (Active) 5 per Cents 261 7 Belgian 44 per Cents 97 9 Ditto 3 per Cents 1842 394 I

Chilian 6 per Cents 101 3 Venezuela 424 34 Columbian ex Venezuela... 15 16