12 SEPTEMBER 1846, Page 22



Denham And Co. Pudding Lane, ship-agents-Davis and Prebble, Hertford Terrace, Haggerston, grocers-Gredwell and Co. Liverpool, corn-merchants-Milli:a and Han- cock, Sheffield, scale-pressers--Gray and Byron, Nottingham, bullders-E. and M. A. Thomson, Croydon, schoolmistresses- Bayley and Wood, Hanley, milliners -Wil- son and Morgan, CardllY, painters-Barton and Sham, Manchester, cotton-spinners- Hart and Callen, Frederick Place, Old Kent Road, milliners-Monies and Watson, Bradford, Yorkshire, Unendrapers-Fridlington and Kemp, Louth, farmers-Baker and Wilkinson, Beverley, corn-merchants-Wheeler and Sons, Wednesbury, coach-smiths- 'Main junior and Percival, Philpot Lane, ship-brokers-P. and R. Fleming, Glasgow, Iron-merchants; as far as regards W. Strang.


ARNOLD, FREDERICK, New Bond Street, stationer, to surrender Sept. 25, Oct. 20: Solicitor, Mr. flail, Carlton Chambers, Regent Street ; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abehurch Lane.

BARLEY, Wri.mam GEORGE, Northampton, draper, Sept. 25, Oct. 20: solicitors, Messrs. Warden and Pritchard, Christchurch Chambers, Newgate Street ; official as- signee, Mr. Edwards, Old Jewry. BIRLEY, Joan, Eccles, card-manufacturer, Sept. 21, Oct. 14: solicitors, Messrs. Fisher and De Jersey, Aidersgate Street ; Mr. Barker, Manchester ; official assignee, Mr. Pott, Manchester.

BROWNING, JOSEPH DOMTWORTH, Bristol, cabinet-maker, Sept. 24, Oct. 22: solicitors, Messrs. Bevan, Bristol ; official assignee, Mr. Hutton, Bristol.

COOKE, THOMAS, Bridge Terrace, Harrow Road, plasterer, Sept. 24, Oct. 20: solici- tors, Messrs. Willoughby and Jaques, Clifford's Inn ; official assignee, Mr. Alsager, Birchin Lane.

DITOHMAN, Joan, 'Marlow Place, Hackney Road, builder, Sept. 25, Oct. 27: solici- tors, Messrs. Overton and Hughes, Old Jewry ; official assignee, Edwards, Old Jewry.

GRAHAM, JOSEPH, Jewry Street, stationer, Sept. 22, Oct. 20: solicitor, Mr. Waller Junior, Finsbury Circus ; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abeharch Lane.

HuntErr, Joan, Manchester, sack-manufacturer, Sept. 21, Oct. 14: solicitors, Messrs. Morris and Co. BarUett's Buildings ; Mr. Norris, Manchester; official assignee, Mr. Fraser, Manchester.

Joarlsorr, CHRISTOPHER DICKINSON, Liverpool, victualler, Sept. 18, Oct. 16: solici- tots, Messrs. Norris and Co. Bartlett's Buildings ; Mr. Toulmln, Liverpool ; Official assignee, Mr. Cazenove, Liverpool.

SOTHERN, BENJAMIN CAREW, Liverpool, coal-dealer, Sept. 24 Oct. 15: solicitors, Mr. Reams, Red Lion Square; Mr. Todd, Liverpool; official assignee, Mr. Morgan, Liverpool.

TAYLOR, EDWARD AUGUSTUS WILLIAM, Bradford, Yorkshire, bookseller, Sept. 22, Oct. 15: solicitors, Messrs. Jones and Co. Bedford Row ; Messrs. Hale and Clarke, Leeds ; official assignee, Mr. Freeman, Leeds.

Tvestrrr, JAMES, Exeter, herbalist, Sept. 23, Oct. 14: solicitors, Mr. Terrell, Gray's Inn ; Messrs. Terrell and Roberts, Exeter ; official assignee, Mr. Hirtzel, Exeter.

Wavrosr, RICHARD, Wardour Street, victualler, Sept. 17, Oct. 20: solicitor, Mr. Tay- lor, Lothbary ; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane.

WRIGHT, THOMAS, Derby, cheeseffictor, Sept. 25, Oct. 24: solicitors, Mr. Smith, Derby ; Mr. Reece, Birmingham; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Birmingham.


Sept. 30, Henrey, Liverpool, draper-Sept. 30, M'Dougall, Liverpool, factor-Sept. 30, Lythgoe, Liverpool, cooper-Sept. 23, Morris, Manchester, auctioneer-Sept. 30, Johnson, Salford, timber-merchant -Sept. 30, Waterhouse, Salford, calleo-printer--,-Oct. 3, Gill, Richmond, Yorkshire, grocer.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.

Oct. 2, Rayner, Brestal, Yorkshire, apothecary-Oct. 2, Watts, Doncaster, millwright -Oct. 7, Sugar, Hull, corn-merchant-Sept. 10, Hobson, Great Grimsby, corn-merchant -Sept. 30, Weaver, Liverpool, ship-broker-Oct. 6, A. and J. Alexander, Exeter, op- tielans-Oct. 17, Parsons, Wolverhampton, edge-tool-manufacturer-Sept. 30, Stavely, Manchester, warehouseman.

To be granted unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before September 29. Darch and Wilkins, Upper Limon Street, timber-merchants-Jackson, Halifax, Worsted-spinner-Corbett, Worcester, scrivener-Soul, Tabernacle Walk, bookseller.


Pattinson, Liverpool, currier ; first and final div. of 20s. and interest, Oct. 14, or any [subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Morgan, Liverpool-Fidgen, Liverpool, boot-manufacturer; first div. of 4s. 4d. Oct. 14, or any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Morgan, Liverpool- Foulkes, Northop, Flintshire, cattle-salesman ; first div. of Is. nth Oct. 14, or any sub- sequent Wednesday ; Mr. Morgan, Liverpool-Hilton, Croston, Lancashire, surgeon; sec. div. of 4r. Oct. 8, or any subsequent Thursday; Mr. Cazenove, Liverpool-Kewley, Liver- pool, tailor ; final div. of Std. Oct. 8, or any subsequent Thursday ; Mr. Cazenore, Liver- pool-Prior and Brady, Hull, brush-manufacturers ; second city. of 5s. on new prooft, Oct. 7, or any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Freeman, Leeds-J. and J. Woodhead. Bradford, Yorkshire, worsted stuff-manufacturers ; second div. of 6d. Oct. 7, or any sub- 'event Wednesday ; Mr. Freeman, Leeds-Fisher, Selby, Yorkshire, linendraper ; div. of td. Oct. 7, or any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Freeman, Leeds-Boden, Shef- field, razor-manufacturer ; first div. of 3s. 4d. Oct. 7, or any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Freeman, Leeds.

SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS. BRIDGES, R., North Berwick, engineer, Sept. 12, Oct. 3. Duos:, A., Kingston, Haddingtonshire, farmer, Sept. 15, Oct. 6. PATON, J., Glasgow, wine-merchant, Sept. 12, Oct. 17.

Friday, Sept. 11.


Barlow and Clode, Shirley, Hampshire, brewers-Leader and Dooley, Liverpool, joiners-Simpson, Downham, Cambridgeshire, and Briggs, Ferry, Lincolnshire, rail- way-contractors-Moody and Co. Sidney Alley, Leicester Square, woollen-drapers- Horner, Brothers, Sheffield, engineers-Shenton and Easther, Winchester, brewers- Reynolds and Co., Charterhouse Square, engravers ; as far as regards C. Gregory- Cheshire and Little, Chester, tailors-Lloyd and Son, Liverpool, timber-merchants- 3. and G. Corbett, Croft, Lincolnshire, farmers-W. H. and J. Coombs, Beners Hill, Doctor's Commons, builders-M. J. and W. Crighton, Manchester, machine-makers- Lambert and Whitefield, St. James's Street, mffilners-Keating and Dent, Leeds, land- surveyors-Knight and Pyne, Vineyard Walk, Clerkenwell, printer's-block-makers-J. and R. iliggin, Salford, tallow-ehandiers-Ragg and Co. Birmingham, minters-Tyne Dock Iron Company, South Shields-Scully and Co. Bradford, Yorkshire, ironmongers -Gemmill and Co. Liverpool, merchants.


BARRErr, THOMAS, Stroud, Gloucestershire, tamer,. to surrender Sept. 21, Oct. 27: solicitors, Mr. Phipps, Caineross, Gloucestershire; Messrs. Bevan, Bristol ; official as- signee, Mr. Acraman, Bsistol. CORNER, HENRY, Ludlow, mercer, Sept. 22, Oct. 15: solicitors, Messrs Reed and Langford, Friday Street ; Messrs. Sale and Co. Manchester ; official assignee, Mr. Hobson, Manchester. DEVERILL, HENRY, Stoke-upon-Trent, corn-factor, Sept. 29, Oct. 15: solicitors, Messrs. Mottram and Knowles, Birmingham ; official assignee, Mr. Valpy, Birmingham, Frarron, PETER, Barley, Hertfordshire, bootmaker, Sept. 2.5, Oct. 20: solicitors, Mr. Bronckhorst, Basinghall Street ; Mr. Burdett, Saffron Walden ; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall Street. Fows.za, GEORGE FREDERiest TOWN, Liffington Street, Pimlico, printer, Oct. 1, 27: Wither, Mr. Browne, Walbrook ; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Frederick's Place. HARDY, Joust, Castle Donington, Leicestershire, cattle-dealer, Sept. 17, Oct. 20: solicitors, Messrs. Scott and Tahourdin, Lincoln's Inn Fields ; Mr. Smith, Birmingham ; Official assignee, Mr. Wldttuore, Birmingham. MORRIS, THOMAS, Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire, llnendraper, Sept. 29, Oct. 27: solicitor, Mr. Leman, Bristol ; official assignee, Mr. Miller, Bristol. PARDON, C BASLE.% Charlotte Terrace, New Cut, slopseller, Sept. 25, Oct. 20: solicitor, Mr. Lloyd, Milk Street ; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane. PERKINS, Jsztts, WenloCk Street, Roston, chee.semonger, Sept. 25, Oct. 27: solicitor, Mr. Ashley, Shoreditcli ; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Old Jesvry. PHILPOT, EDWARD, Ludlow, timber-dealer, Sept. 29, Oct. 15: solicitor, Mr. Wright, Birmingham ; official assignee, Mr. Christie, Birmingham. SHAcKLETON, MICHAEL, Manchester, printer, Sept. 23, Oct. 13: solicitors, Mr. Perkins, Gray's Inn ; Mr. Parry, Manchester ; official assignee, Mr. Fraser, Manchester. 8111211. Enwsxn Boss, Scarborough, timber-merchant, Sept. 24, Oct. 16: solicitors, Messrs. Rushworth, Staple Inn; Mr. Sandersom, Leeds ; official assignee, Mr. Hynas- ton, Leeds.

Sorsors, HENRI', Holland Crescent, Brixton, builder, Sept. 25, Oct. 20: solicitor, Mr. Kaye, Surrey Street, Strand; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Old Jewry.

WARD, THOMAS, Nottingham, monster, Sept. 22, Oct. 20: solicitors, Mr. Cann, Not- tingham; Mr. James, Birmingham ; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Birmingham.


Oct. 9, Hattersley, Sheffield, stove-grate-manutheturer-Oct. 9, Stott, Sheffield, flour- dealer.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting. Oct. 3, Graham, King's Arms Yard, Coleman Street, merchant-Oct. 3, Groves, Hun- tingdon, grocer-Oct. 3, Wyatt, Ockham, Surrey, common-brewer-Oct. 3, Freeman, Croydon, grocer-Oct. 3, Green, Dorset Place, boarding-housekeeper-Oct. 3, Hunt, High Street, liarylebOne, printer-Oct. 3, Baxter, Church Street, Southwark, currier- Oct. 6, Bone, Durham, grocer-Oct. 2, Edwards, Llansaintfraid, Mongomeryshire, sur- geon-Oct. 9, Scott, Sheffield. flour-dealer-Oct. 6, Sudlow, Liverpool, warehousekeepef -Oct. 6, Came jun. Falmouth, grocer-Oct. 6, Tayler, Tywardreatls, Cornwall, surgeon. To be granted unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before Oct. 2. Smith, Bristol, grocer-Buttrey, Manchester, commission-agent-Evans, Shorediteh, chresemonger-Blurton, Piecadily-Kent, Rosherville, Kent, lodging-housekeeper.


Mezzo's junior, W., Glasgow, wine-merchant, Sept. 16, Oct. 7,

Id`Ctumn, J., Edinburgh, surgeon, Sept. 15. Oct. 6. SHANKS, C., Glasgow, commission-agent, Sept. 16, Oct. 7. TURNBULL, W., Airdrie, timber, Sept. 15, Oct. 8.