12 SEPTEMBER 1908, Page 15



was pleased to see in a letter in the Spectator of the 5th inst., written by an old friend, Canon Cowley-Brown of Edinburgh, the embodiment of suggestions I recently made in a leaflet I printed and sent out broadcast. These are : (1) as the non-contributory old-age pension has now become law, a contributory one for the young people of eighteen to twenty-one might conjointly be started in January, 1909, or, should this be impossible at so short a notice, at least it might be brought before the House of Commons in the near future; (2) to carry out the suggestion of my husband, the late Canon Blackley, of a special insurance-stamp being issued as a simple and inexpensive method for weekly collection (and for that purpose only) of the people's insur- ance, the stamp to be procurable at every post-office in the kingdom.

I would like to state that since sending out the leaflet I have received many encouraging letters from M.P.'s on both sides of the House, and other gentlemen and ladies, who, as well as myself, are anxious to get up a large meeting in London next October ; but my earnest wish is that it should be a non-party meeting, for Canon Blackley and I have always said that, should the scheme be carried out, it should be for the good of the nation, and in no way for political