12 SEPTEMBER 1908, Page 15

(To THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR.] SIB,—(1) The late Canon

George Venables never ceased to advocate the simple and feasible plan of starting a fund in every parish for endowment or increase of endowment. He advised that as soon as £100 was given or collected the Interest should be used as income, and another 2100 started. This definite and practicable aim would appeal to those who would be daunted by a larger scheme. In parishes where no increase is urgently needed the money should go to a diocesan fund for augmenting other livings.

(2) Another benefit might accrue from periodical inspection of vicarages and rectories by the Archdeacon or Rural Dean, with power to ensure sanitary and other repairs and renova- tions, thus avoiding the costly charges on change of incumbent.

(3) Could not relatives of clergy make more effort for the endowment or increased endowment of such livings as in this way become of special interest to the family ? If the initiative were taken by relatives, others might follow suit.—I am, Sir, ONE WHO HAS ACTED ON THIS PRINCIPLE. [We are unable to continue this correspondence.—En. Spectator.]