12 SEPTEMBER 1908, Page 2

Mr. Taft opened his campaign for the American Presidential Election

on Saturday last at Youngstown, Ohio. His recep- tion was most cordial, and the large number of Trade- Unionists present showed that the Labour vote will not all be cast for Mr. Bryan. A great many negroes were also present, although it had been said that the Brownsville incident had estranged them from the Republican cause. Mr. Hughes made a very forcible speech in favour of Mr. Taft, which has bad such a popular success that "practically all the respon- sible Press," as the New York correspondent of the Times says, is insisting on his renomination as Governor of New York. Both Republicans and Democrats have published their "Campaign-book." The Democratic book, which the same correspondent says is brighter and shorter than its rival, attempts to explain away such former unsuccessful Democratic policies as bimetallism and the Government ownership of railways. The Democratic ideal, in fact, has now become the restoration of competition. With the reserva- tion that the Democrats dislike a strong naval programme, one might sum up the situation by saying that each side is outbidding the other as a professed exponent of Mr. Roosevelt's policies. It is a unique tribute to the President.