12 SEPTEMBER 1908, Page 2

The Board of Trade Returns for August show greatly decreased

values in both imports and exports. The &dins

in imports amounts to 26,544,396, while exports have decreased by 27,012,368, the decline in articles wholly or mainly manufactured alone amounting to 26,161,386, of which 23,000,000 is due to textiles and 21,000,000 to iron and steel. Some of this decline is accounted for by the fact that the month contained one working day less than August, 1907, and the values are also affected by lower prices; but the general tendency is sufficiently indicated by the fact that for the eight months ended August, 1908, as compared with the corresponding period in 1907, imports have decreased by 242,000,000, exports by 230,000,000, and re-exports by nearly 214,000,000.