12 SEPTEMBER 1908, Page 2

The last Indian mail brought the text of the striking

letter by the Aga Khan, the most prominent of the Indian Mohammedans, which was read at the opening meeting of the Deccan Provincial Moslem League. This is a branch of the All-India Moslem League, and the Aga Khan is its president. In the course of his long letter the Aga Khan said :— " British rule—not only a titular supremacy, but a vigorous force permeating every branch of the administration—is an absolute necessity. Therefore, I put it to you that it is the duty of all true Indian patriots to make that rule strong. I do not mean strong in the physical sense. That is a duty of Great Britain which she is perfectly able to discharge. Moreover, Great Britain's mission in the East is not and never has been one of force, but of the peace and liberality which have brought to tens of millions in Asia the comfort, the prosperity, and oppor- tunities of intellectual advancement which they now enjoy. No, I mean strong in its hold on the mind, the affection, the imagina- tion of the peoples of India. This is a duty which lies not only upon Mohammedans, but equally upon Hindus, Parsees, and Sikhs, upon all who axe convinced of the benevolence of British rule. If there are any among the less thoughtful members of the Hindu community who think they can snatch temporary advan- tage by racial supremacy, let them pause upon all they would lose by the withdrawal of that British control under which has been effected the amazing progress of the past century."

We may add that the mail also brought us several tributes to British rule from other Indian Moham medans. These are tributes of the most valuable kind because they are dis- criminating. Indian Mohammedans may rest assured that their loyal and opportune support at this time is valued to the full by Englishmen at home.