12 SEPTEMBER 1908, Page 26

Students' Life and Work in the University of Cambridge. By

Karl Breul, Litt.D. (Bowes and Bowes, Cambridge. 1s. net.) Dr. Breul sketches in a graphic way the life of a Cambridge under- graduate, its sportive and its serious side; tells us what he reads, how he amuses himself, how he talks, and even what it costs him to live while he is thus using, or, it may be, misusing, his time. He is always friendly and appreciative. The outside beauties of the place, its ways and customs, the status pupillaris among them, a thing which is best seen at the two old English Universities, all these are described in a very effective manner. (It may be explained that the lectures were delivered to audiences of "Extension" students.) Would it not be possible to put together in a volume similar sketches of University life in the Scottish, German, and other European Universities ?