12 SEPTEMBER 1925, Page 1

The sixth session of the Assembly of the League was

opened by M. Painleve on Monday. He did not disguise the hankering of France after the Protocol, but spoke encouragingly of the Pact and incidentally of the entry of Germany into the League. Later on Senator Dan- durand, the Canadian delegate, was elected President for the session and spoke with dignity in English and French. The question of the Pact has formed not only the subject of debate in the Assembly but also of those conversations between Foreign Ministers which are a valuable offshoot of the League's meetings at Geneva. Mr. Chamberlain and M. Briand went on Monday to see Mr. Baldwin at Aix-les-Bains. There is every reason to hope that the ground is being prepared very favourably for the Conference which will be held towards the end of this month, possibly at Lausanne. There is now no doubt that Signor Mussolini also intends to be present.