13 APRIL 1867, Page 22

Tufts of Heather from the Northern Moors. By Edwin Waugh.

(Simpkin,-Marshall, and Co.)—This volume contains seven stories, in

an extreme dialect as regards the conversations, and in a somewhat overstrained style as regards the narrative. But there is much humour in them as well as simplicity of feeling, and we are quite inclined to recommend them. Our readers may judge of their contents from 'a sketch of the first story, which turns on the fate of a donkey hoisted up into the top room of a mill by a freak of its owner. When it arrives- up aloft the two men who have drawn it up, and are savage at the trick played upon them, smuggle it out at the back of the mill, leaving the owner waiting down below. And then begins a wild chain of adven- tures, the fun of which depends a good deal on the breadth of the language, till at last the tables are turned.