13 APRIL 1889, Page 23

The Life of the Right Hon. J. Bright, M.P. By

George Barnett Smith. (Hodder and Stoughton.)—Mr. Smith has condensed, without making any serious omission, his longer biography of the deceased statesman, and has also carried it on up to the time of his death. Mr. Bright's political attitude, however, since the adoption of the Home-rule programme by Mr. Gladstone, is very briefly touched upon. We should suppose that Mr. Barnett Smith is not sympathetic. The last scene, and the manner in which the news of his death was received in England, are more fully treated.

Messrs William Clowes and Son send us some exquisite little editions of Hymns Ancient and Modern, printed in connection with the prayer-books of the Oxford University Press, several of the hymn-books in separate volumes enclosed with a prayer-book as companion in a case, some of them in the same volume with the prayer-book. The binding is remarkably pretty, morocco or calf, and the print is of various sizes, according to the size of the volume.