13 APRIL 1889, Page 2

The little State of Luxemburg, with its 1,000 square miles

and 200,000 inhabitants, is just now much in the papers. On the death of the King of Holland, who cannot recover, and on Tuesday was reported " sinking," Luxemburg passes by in- heritance to the Grand Duke of Nassau, who on Thursday assumed the Regency. The State was originally German, and though now independent and neutral, there is an uneasy idea that the Germans, aware of its strategical importance, may " invite " its Grand Duke to re-enter the Empire on the terms of other small States. Luzern- burgers would not like this, on account of the conscription ; and France would not like it, on account of the geographical position of the State. It has been noted, therefore, as a sign of importance that the proceedings on the investiture of the

Regent were all conducted in French. There is an idea, we believe, in Holland that their future Queen, the Princess Wil- helmine, now only eight years of age, may be betrothed, a few years hence, to the heir of the Grand Duchy, which the Dutch Royal Family would thus retain as a separate possession, an arrangement which has worked well for fifty years. Nothing, however, can be certain until the great war has been fought out.