13 APRIL 1929, Page 1

News of the Week

rilHE best that can be hoped from the bomb outrage in -I- the Indian Legislative- Assembly is that it should call to strict- attention every Indian who has been playing with revolutionary ideas, and pretending that those who are legislating against terrorism are merely obscur- antists trying to frighten their fellows away from the proper paths of progress. There has been a sharp lesson in the reality of terrorism in India ; the wild teaching of Communists (most of whom have no right to be in India at all) has mounted to the brain of unballasted young Indians, who declare,- after the manner of their politiCal 'kind, that an act' whieh is a defiance of all the methods of free mei has been com- mitted in the cause of freedom.. A day or two before the bombs. were thrown Mr. Patel, the President of the Assembly, had provisionally ruled that the Government's Public Safety -Bill, which provides for the deporta- tion of non-Indian Communists, should be held over on the ridiculous ground that some Communists were being tried in several courts of law on charges of violence. The subject could not be dealt with, he said, as it was sub judiee.

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