13 APRIL 1929, Page 1

Now that Mr. Patel has had a glimpse of the

reality of terrorism he may become more amenable to common sense. He and his friends must see now that they are among the potential victims. And even in this country there may be reactions which will be favourable to that political party which is invariably accused of exaggera- tion and panic whenever it says that the existing structure of society needs protection. It will be objected, of course, that even in India- the policy of the Nationalists is professedly not one of violence. True ; but no honest person who has watched events in India can say that provocation to violence has not been inherent in much of the raving language of Nationalists who seemed to be willing to wound and yet afraid to strike: Others came forward who were both willing and* unafraid. That is the familiar- process. When the culmination is 'reached, when the terrorists take charge of the theorists, it is' too late for the theorists to say that they are blameless. We hope that the Nationalists Will recognize now the advisability of quietly accepting the safeguards which they could never provide for themselves if a strong central GoVernment. were wanting. * * * *