13 APRIL 1929, Page 1

On Tuesday Mr. Patel had just risen in the Legislative

Assembly to give his deferred ruling whether or not the House should postpone the Public. Safety Bill, when the bombs. were thrown from the gallery' towards the Government front benches. The two bombs were fol- lowed by a shower of Communistic literature, and a pistol was fired. Some seats and tables were destroyed and a hole was made in the floor. Sir George Schuster, Finance Member of the Government, Sir Bomanji Dalal, non-official member for Bombay, Mr. S. N. Roy, a nominated member for Bengal, and others were injured. Sir John Simon was in the gallery. There was a panic, and then the doors of the Chamber were locked. The two men who were seen to have thrown the bombs were arrested. One of them is said to be a student at a Lahore college.

* * * *