13 APRIL 1929, Page 13


Speaking not of What will, but what may happen, we admit that the abolition of the Colonial Legislatures is a contingency that may be anticipated without any implied absurdity. A general emancipation of the slaves, on any conditions, cannot be carried, and will not be attempted, by the present, nor, it is probable, by any Ministry in our days ; but the abolition of the Assemblies might be attempted, and might be carried even by the present Cabinet. We do not think it will be attempted ; but were it so,. the planters are much deceived if they think that anything but prudent, moderate, and conciliatory counsels, would defeat the attempt. They are strong in one point they have a plain, rational matter-of-fact people to deal with. John Bull may be humbugged (to use his own phraseology), but he is no lover of humbug : his sound sense may be obscured for a while by prejudice, by misrepresentation, but it soon shines out again. Neither fraud nor force can long reprees its workings.