13 APRIL 1929, Page 14


Doubtless the Master of University and other workers for the preservation of Oxford have their own answer to this cry of despair. The best is to be found in a summary of the work of the Council for the Preservation of Rural England, issued from 17 Great Marlborough Street. Their success has been altogether beyond expectation. A model set of rules for rural planning has been prepared and its principles definitely adopted in the Thames Valley—thanks largely to Lord Astor and Lord Desborough—and in Devon and Cornwall, thanks to the two Lords Lieutenant. Very soon Regional Planning Committees will be set up " for the whole of the Lakes " Wordsworth will not be the sole resort for the country lover in Westmorland nor- Arnold in Berks and Oxon. A preserva- tion council for Wales under the vigorous leadership of Mr. Clough William-EMS (author of The Octopus) has come into being and already won its own successes.

* * * *