13 APRIL 1929, Page 14

Almost every county in England is co-operating in some form.

Definite action is being taken by the Rural Community Coun- cils of the shires of Gloucester, Hertford, Derby, of Hampshire and Wiltshire Twenty panels of architects are in being and are working with local bodies for the regulation of architectural design throughout the country. This • is quite a new thing in English art and suggests a real approach to the mediaeval schools, if not guilds. A Parliamentary committee, recently formed, has already influenced the Ministry of Transport. Advance is being accelerated by the ingenious and popular Travelling Exhibition—partly a Chamber of .Horrors, partly a picture of beauties—which is this week at Birkenhead and will move Ion ',to Leeds and Cheltenham. Lord Crawford, Mr. Guy Dawber, and Professor Abercrombie may claim to be Englishmen indeed. More power—especially financial power—to their elbows I

* * * *