13 APRIL 1929, Page 17

GRADE "A" MILK IN HOSPITALS [To the Editor of the

SPECTATOR.] SIR,—Your paper has always taken such a keen interest in a cleaner and safer milk that your readers will be glad to know that one more of the great London Hospitals is now taking a supply of Grade A milk produced from cows which have regularly shown their freedom from tuberculosis. I refer to King's College Hospital, of which you published such an interesting account two weeks ago.

While we can all rejoice at this new proof that King's

College Hospital means to keep up to date in the matter of milk, which is so vastly important in the care of its patients, it is well to remember that St. Bartholomew's Hospital adopted this grade of milk over five years ago and has been well satisfied with the result.

I write to you, Sir, in the hope that other hospitals will

be induced to follow the lead of those two hospitals and so give encouragement to all those who are striving to improve the milk supply. Perhaps it is not generally known that many hospitals used to be in the habit of giving only short term contracts at very low prices for their milk and under those conditions it was impossible for producers of milk to do their best. Hospitals desiring the best and safest milk at an economic price should be willing to make contracts of twelve months' duration, starting from Michaelmas in each year.

These two hospitals, by their reformed methods of buying milk, are helping to eradicate tuberculosis from the herds and eventually from the people of this country, thus showing that they are out for " Prevention as well as Cure." Though their milk will cost them more, they will have the satisfaction of knowing that they are now consistent and consequently more worthy of public support.

Grade A (Tuberculin Tested) milk must always be more costly for the farmers to produce—there are plenty of farmers willing and able to supply it if only the public is willing to pay the small extra cost. I trust that the public will give special support to all hospitals that adopt up-to-date milk- buying methods—along that road lies the improvement of the health of the community. I am, Sir, &c.,