13 APRIL 1929, Page 17

"SLAVES..OF. THE .GODS" - [To She Editor of the SPECTATOR.]

- 515,—With reference to the interesting review of Miss- Mayo's new book' S'laws of-the Gods, which appeared in the Spectator of April 6th, does not your reviewer overlook the fundamental `difference between depravity as it exists in India and as it exists in the West ?

Of courne, an -Indian Miss Mayo would find plentiful matter at hand for pen-pictures of the dark side of our Western 'civilization—especially in big cities. But surely where the West differs from the East is that such things are practised in the East with the sanction of religion and in the West in defiance of it.—I am, Sir, &e.

B. I.

[National mud-slinging is a dangerous pastime. But Miss Mayo has only put into words what many of the most en- lightened thinkers in India have said. -Where the East can legitimately criticize her is that in her writings she has entirely concentrated on the dark side of the picture. As our corre- spondent says, an Indian publicist would find much to criticize- in the West. But we do agree with the writer of this letter that 'there is a world of difference between a religion which condones and a -religion which condemns.—En. Spectator] •