13 APRIL 1929, Page 2

On Wednesday Lord Grey of Fallodon spoke to the Liberal

Council—the body which was formed to save the souls of Asquithian Liberals from the domination of Mr. Lloyd George—and declared that, in his opinion, the separate existence of the Liberal Council ought to be maintained. He described Mr. Lloyd George's un- employment policy as " absolutely right," but added that he could not accept the famous pledge unless he was convinced by expert information that it could be honoured. He added another warning against schemes which would prejudice the recovery of trade. Trade revival was " the only permanent solution " of unemployment. Thus Lord Grey agrees with Mr. Lloyd George so far as to say that unemployment is a ghastly business, that it has not yet been tackled seriously enough, and that the State' can reduce it. But to that extent agreement with Mr. Lloyd' George is nearly universal.