13 APRIL 1929, Page 20

In Car and Country—Week-End Signposts to the Open Road (J.

M. Dent, 5s.) Mr. John Prioleau gives a series of reflections on nearly every part of England and Wales, " as seen in Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, by the author from his ear, mainly over week-ends." To those seasoned, motorists wimp imagine that they know their England so well that they cannot discover any new thing by road or lane, this little book has much to impart. To the " new" motorist, it tells of the most beautiful lanes no less than the latest arterial tracks, and gives practical advice on how to get there. Of handy size for refer- ence, containing numerous drawings by John Garside, and fifty-one useful maps, Car and Country is a welcome addition

to the motorist's library. * * *