13 APRIL 1929, Page 3

Many development schemes are being laid before the Covernment. We

should like to make one suggestion. Recent meetings of the Institution of Naval Engineers and of the Institute of Marine Enkineers hive drawn attention. to the remarkable future for the use of pulVerized coal steamships.. It is a .question whether this method is not going to eclipse both oil furnaces and internal combustion engines. Those companies which have Used pulverized coal are already fortified in their belief in its merits. There are still doubts, however, as to the best kind of installation, still doubts whether it is economical to .use water-tube boilers. And even now some engineers prefer Mechanical stoking. The importance to the coal mines of an early resolution of these doubts is obvious. Companies are scared by the expense of experimenting. Is not this an instance in which a Government grant for experimentation would more than, pay for itself ?

* * * *