13 APRIL 1929, Page 3

Speaking at Truro, on Thursday, April 4th, Mr. J. H.

Thomas advised his Labour audience to take no notice of the - resolutions of the Independent Labour Party against war credits. " We all welcome disarmament but we are a practical people and universal disarmament, cannot be accomplished by one country disarming and leaving the rest. of the world to do as it likes. Take no notice of these fresh attempts to cause mischief. Our objective is the substitution of the peace mind for the war mind, and when we get that we shall get the neces-. sary atmosphere for universal peace." Turning to unem- ployment, Mr. Thomas said that it was humbug for Mr. Lloyd George-to pretend that the work he proposed could be done without costing money. Road-making was not' enough. Forty per cent. of the shipbuilding industry, 27 per cent. of the engineering industry, and 11 per cent. of the cotton operatives were unemployed. Their plight could not be remedied by turning them into navvies., For that a trade revival was necessary..

* * * *