13 APRIL 1929, Page 3

The World Power Conference which is assessing the Power resources

of the world has issued a preliminary survey entitled Power Resources of the World, Potential and Developed (11 Is.). The Toronto - Geological Congress, in 1913, published the first considered estimate of the world's coal resources. Since. then there has been much further research, and the result is that nobody is as confident as the Toronto Congress was that he knows what the coal resources of the world really are. Estimates fluctuate between 5,885,000 million tons and 10,800,000 million tons. It is generally felt that in any case no strain is being put on the supply. At the present rate of production the coal of the world would last for 4,000 years. The rate of exhaustion is naturally not uniform. The coal in China and the United States would left almost. to infinity. * *