13 APRIL 1929, Page 43

A Library List

Barbara Wilson. (Heinernann. 6.s.)-The Merchant Navy. Volume HI. By Sir Archibald Hurd. (Murray. 21s.)-Studies in the Napoleonic Wars. By Sir Charles Oman. (Methuen. 8s. 6d.)-All Sorts of People. By Gladys Storey. (Methuen. 10s. 6d.)--The Life and Writings of Alexandre Dumas. By H. A. Spurr. New Edition. (Dent. 7s. 6d.) LITERARY :-Two Plays. By Lion Feuchtwanger. Trans- lated by Willa and Edwin Muir. (Seeker. tils.)=- Stories from the Bible. By Walter de la Mare. (Faber and Gwyer. 7s. 6d.)-William Wordsworth. By G. McLean Harper. New Edition. (Murray. 16s.) , Romance in History. Edited by R. Brimley Jolisifn. (The Bodley Head. 3s. 6d.)-The Batchelars Banquet. Edited by F. P. Wilson. (Oxford University Press. 7s. 6d.)--A Hind in Richmond Park. By W. Hudson. New Edition. (Dent. Os.)

NOVELS :-The Path of Glory. By George Blake. (Constable. 68.)-:Nemesis at Raynham Parva. By J. J. CormingtOn. (Gollanez; 7s. 64.).Red Cavalry. By I.- Babel. (Knopf. 6s.)-The Crime of Sybil Cresswell. By E. F. Spence. (Benn. 7s. 6d.)-The Mad Professor. By Hermann Sudermann. (The Bodley Head. 12s. 6d.) MISCELLANEOUS :-A History of Scotland. By R. S. Ra.it.--4. Parasites. By Geoffrey Lapage.-A History of France. By Sisley Huddleston.-The English House. By A. R. Powys. The League of Nations. By H. Wilson Harris.-Embryology. By Prof. E. W. MacBride. (Bern's Sixpenny Library).-Percival at Play. By Anthony Armstrong. (Methuen. 3s. 6d.)--A Book of Other Wines than French. By P. Morton Shand. (Borzoi Books. 10s. 6d.)-Through a WorkhoUie Window. By R. M. Noordin. (Cecil Palmer. The Meaning of Rousseau. By E. H. Wright. (Oxford University Press. Ss. 6d.)-The A.B.C. of Psychologli. By C. K. Ogden. (Kegan- Paul. 4s. 6d.)--English - Girlhood at School. By Dorothy Gardiner. (Oxford University Press. 188.) HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHY :-The house of Memories. By