13 APRIL 1929, Page 46


It is always--pleasant to-be able to record the fulfilment of prospectus promises, and at the second ordinary general meeting of Meurisse, Ltd., which was held this we the chairman, Sir Thomas Jones, was in the position to state that " they had lived up, as far as possible, to the promises made in the prospectus." The Preference dividend has been well covered, for in addition the directors have been able to recommend a distribution on the Ordinary shares of 9 per cent. for an eighteen months period. The receipts show a progressive increase and the company has acquired some further businesses, the results from which should benefit future earnings. Moreover, the chairman stated that the directors were satisfied, from present indications of an all- round improvement in the company's business in Belgium and in this country during the last three months, that there should be increased profits for the current year.

A. W. K.