13 APRIL 1956, Page 18


SIR,—In Mr. Charles Curran's article of last week he refers to a 'recent' book by Professor Arthur Lewis as The Economics of Industrial Development; the title of the work to which he is presumably referring is The Theory of Economic Development and has been widely reviewed in recent months. The difference seems more than a mere slip and prompts one to ask whether Mr. Curran has actually read the book or merely heard about it.—Yours faithfully, [Charles Curran writes : 'I should have de- scribed the book by Professor Lewis to which I referred (after reading it) as The Theory of Economic Growth, price 30s., recently pub- lished by Allen and Unwin. To Professor Lewis I offer my apologies. To Mr.' Robin Marris I offer my congratulations on his feat in misquoting not only the title I gave it but also the title Professor Lewis gave it.'—Editor, Spectator.]