13 AUGUST 1859, Page 19


Two important books on the far But have appeared this week. One of these, Captain Sherard Osborn's CRUISE IN JAPANESE WATERS is already known to the readers of Blackwood's Magazine; the other is Mr. Tronson's narrative of a VOYAGE TO JAPAN, KAMTSCRATKA, &c., in H.M.S. Barra/mute in the years 1854,'56, and '56. The Barracouta being a sloop of light draught and great steam power, she was employed upon various expeditions, which afforded her officers peculiar opportuni- ties for observation.

The new volume of Mr. De Quincey's SPECULATIONS LITERARY AND Prrimosoaurc comprises some of his most memorable essays, among them "Lord Carlisle on Pope," "Heaver," " Goethe's Wilhelm Meister," "Leasing," &c.

Mr. Pyoroft's Twmcre YEARS IN THE Owned is a work of fiction in the form of an autobiography; but the author states that the garb of fiction has been adopted only to spare private feeling, and that the sketches in his book are from the life.


Personal Narrative of a Voyage to Japan, Kameschatka, Siberia, Tartary, and various parts of the Coast of China ; in H.M.S. Barracouta. By J. M. Trooson, R.N. With Charts and Views.

A Cruise in Japanese Waters. By Captain Sherard Osborn, C.B., R.N. Twenty Years in the Church. An Autobiography. By the Rev. James Py- croft, B.A., Trinity College, Oxford.

Speculations Literary and Philosophic. By Thomas De Quineey.

A Gallop to the Antipodes, returning overland through India. By Dr. John Shaw.

France and England, socially and politically considered. Translated from the French of Ch. Menche de Loisne (sons Drefet de Boulogne sur mer). By Mrs. Phillips Greene. Dedicated by permission to Lady Charles Napier, Sketches from Dover Castle. And other Poems. By Lient.-Colonel William Read.

Highland Tours. No. I. Glasgow to Oban. No. 2. Oben to Staffs and Iona. No. 3. Oban to Fort William and Banavie. No. 4. Banavie to Inverness. By William Keddie, Esq. With Map and numerous Illustrations.

Popular Music of the Olden 74me ; a collection of Ancient Songs, Ballads, and Dance Tunes, illustrative of the National Music of England. With short In- troductions to the different Reigns, and Notices of the Airs from writers of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. Also a short account of the Minstrels. By W. Chappell, Esq., F.R.S. The whole of the Airs harmonized by G. A. Macfarren. In two volumes.

The Northumbrian Abbots : a Tale of the Seventh Century. By R. B. Wer- borton.

A Manual of British Butterflies and Moths. By H. T. Stainton, Editor of " The Entomologist's Annual." In two volumes.

An Introduction to Early Christian Symbolism ; being the Description of a Series of Fourteen Compositions from Fresco Paintings, Glasses, and Sculp- tured Sarcophagi; with three Appendices. Selected and arranged by William Palmer, M.A., late Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford ; and painted by Signor Bossi, of Rome.

American Photographs. By Jane M. E. Turnbull and Marion Turnbull. In two volumes.

Freshfleld. By William Johnston, M.A., Author of " Nightshade."


After Dark. By Wilkie Collins, Author of " Basil," " Hide and Seek," " The Dead Secret, &c.

The Parents' Cabinet of Amusement and Instruction. Part IX.

The Governing Classes of Great Britain. Political Portraits. By Edward M. Whitty.