13 AUGUST 1859, Page 20

The Royal Italian Opera, Covent Garden, closed on Saturday last

with Meyerbeer's Dinorah, given for the sixth time. The house was as crowded as if it had been the height of the season, and nothing could exceed the brilliancy of the performance and the warmth with which it was received. There is no doubt that this chef-cPceuvre will be a promi- nent feature in Mr. Gye's repertoire during next season. But before that time it will be produced on the same boards by the "Pyne and Harrison Company," who, we understand, will occupy this theatre (as they did last season), before it is reopened by Mr. Gye. The English version will be taken directly from the original piece, as performed at the Opera Comique ; the dialogue being simply spoken, without the recitatives introduced to adapt the opera to the Italian stage. This will undoubtedly be an advantage ; for though these Italian recitatives are necessary, yet they are a necessary evil,. increasing the length of the piece, and impairing the lightness and spirit of the action. The prin- cipal characters will be sustained by Miss Louisa Pyne, Mr. Harrison, and Mr. Bentley.

The Philharmonic Society has contributed twenty-five pounds to the fund for the monument to the memory of Handel, erected at his native town of Halle, in Saxony.

Mr. Cipriani Potter has resigned his post of principal pianoforte in- structor at the Royal Academy of Music.

M. Auguste Panseron, the well-known French composer, died last week in Paris. He was one of the most popular musicians of the day, and highly esteemed in private life.

Madame Gassier, lately a great favourite with the London public, and now at the Havana, is engaged at the theatre of that city for the ap- proaching winter season, on terms equivalent to Five Hundred pounds sterling of, our money per week, in addition to a free benefit ; terms hitherto unheard of in this or any other country.

We have already mentioned the rumour that Mario is, next season, to have the management of the Royal Theatre of Madrid. It is confirmed, with the addition that the principal members of the company will be, Mesdames Grisi, Sarolta, Tritelli, Calderon ; and Messieurs Mario, Ron- coni, Pavani, Butti, Revere, and Bouche. This may do for Madrid, but it would hardly do for London.