13 AUGUST 1859, Page 9


Signor Mazzini has published a long manifesto on the state and pros- pects of Europe. He lays it down that Imperialism is the most urgent danger of Europe, and that it is a danger which has grown out of the culpable indifference with which England especially regarded the expe- dition against Rome. He declares "from certain knowledge of the fact" that- " The peace of Villafranca is the inauguration of a now holy alliance between the three Powers which now represent despotism in Europe—Im- perial Fiance, Russia, and Austria. The aim of the alliance—they are phrases uttered at Plombiares and at Stuttgard—is to imperializo Europe, making themselves master, in order to falsify it, of the national idea, and substituting the territorial question to the question of liberty. The means —and this will be the next step to the Lombard war—are the partition be- tween the three members of the alliance of the Mahometan possessions in Europe and Africa, and war with England. if Austria did not accept the proposals of Villafranca the plan was to have been executed in a modified manner between the Czar and the Emperor. Hungary, emancipated from Austria, would fall to Constantine ; the Mediterranean, converted into a French lake, to the Emperor. Russia was to be, directly or indirectly, mistress of the North and of the East of Europe, Imperial France of the West and of the South. At present the agreement of the three, changes the idea of partition, and limits, as I said, the next step to the dismemberment of Oriental Europe, and to the war against England. and Prussia."

The Recorderships of Walsall, Newark, Lincoln, and Northampton having become vacant by the death of Mr. Sergeant Clarke, the following appoint- ments have been made :—Mr. W. J. Neale to be Recorder of Walsall ; Mr. Fitzjames Stephen to be Recorder of Newark ; Honourable G. C. Vernon to be Recorder of Lincoln ; Mr. J. Ribbed Brewer to be Recorder of North- ampton.

The Recordership of the ancient borough of Clitheroe, vacant by the death of Mr. John Addison, has been conferred upon Mr. T. Hastings Ing- ham, the Judge of the Kendal County Court.

Sir George Staunton, formerly a prominent person in the Fast India Company, connected with Lord Macarthey's Chinese embassy and other proceedings in China, and afterwards a Member of Parliament in England, died on Thursday, at the age of seventy-eight.

A letter from Chambdry, of the 6th, states that Prince Humbert of Piedmont, eldest son of the King of Sardinia, and the Duke of Genoa, his Majesty's second son, were expected in that place to pass a few days.

Most of the German princes are now enjoying leisure at various places. The King of Wurtemburg is at Baden-Baden' the Grand Duke of Baden at Mainan, on the banks of the Lake of Constance ; and the Glued Duke of Hesse is paying a visit to the es-King Louis of Bavaria at the Chateau of Leopoldskron. The Empress Dowager of Russia, the Ducal Court of Nassau, and the Prince Regent of Prussia, are at Ems.

The Bishop of Cape Town has left England on his return to his diocese.

The Count of Hainault was baptized in the palace at Brussels on the 9th, receiving the name of Leopold Ferdinand. His godfather is the father of the reigning King of Portugal, sad his godmother the Archduchess Sophia. Both were represented by proxy.

Count de Montelembert's brother Lieutenant-Colonel de biontalembert, of the Lancers of the Guard, has been appointed to the command of the First African Chasseurs, vice Colonel de Salignac-Fandlon, promoted to the tank of General of Brigade.