13 AUGUST 1887, Page 26

The conductors of Harper's Magazine seem to be in danger

of for- getting their Eoglish readers. There is really nothing in the August number which is specially intended for their benefit but one of Mr. Da Maurier's pictures and a paper on "Sea Wings," unless, indeed, we except a weak and gushing article on the Irish Party, which is somewhat redeemed by a group of excellent portraits of Mr. Parnell, several of his leading colleagues of the Irish Parliamentary Party, the late Mr. Isaac Butt, and Mr. Michael Devitt. The expression of Mr. Davitt's eye appears hardly, however, to have been caught. The most readable article in this month's Harper is the first of a series on the curiously fascinating subject of "Buccaneers and Idarooners in the Spanish Main." Dr. Landed' contributes a bright article on "Natives of Siberia." "Here and There in the South" is an excellent sketch of Mobile.